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Cross platform without compromises

In React Native most of the app is developed in Javascript. This core of the app controls everything and can be used on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows and Web). All surfaces, animations and complex calculations are executed natively. This achieves a large proportion of shared code without sacrificing performance or quality. This has many advantages.

illustration native performance

Native Performance

By cleverly building an application in React Native, native performance can easily be achieved on all platforms. Users will not notice that they are using a cross-platform app. Or could you say which parts of the official Facebook app are written in React Native and which are not?

illustration native integration

Native Integration

It is possible to develop only parts of an application in React Native. Existing apps can be transformed step by step and native parts can be integrated into React Native apps. This connection is explicitly supported.

illustration saving money

Saving of Expenses

Due to the large proportion of shared code, many functionalities only have to be developed once for several platforms. Even platform-specific adaptations can be easily integrated into the development process and the architecture. This reduces the development effort and saves a lot of money.

illustration save time

High development speed

While conventional architectures are stuck with porting to different platforms, React Native allows the next feature to be developed. In addition, the structure and construction of a well-developed React Native app allows a high development speed in the long run.

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Good expandability

Due to the component-based structure and the architecture of well-structured React Native Apps, these offer very good extensibility and thus the basis for rapid growth of the project.

illustration single skill set

Single Skill Set for Developers

Nobody's an expert on everything! With React/React Native and node.js, the development team can specialize in one language, build a high level of expertise in it, and always take all the latest developments with them. The projects benefit enormously from this.

And much more...

We'd love to tell you more about the advantages of web and app projects with React/React Native. Our team has many years of experience in various areas and can therefore assess the benefits well. We are also happy to advise you on the implementation of a specific project and support you with our developers. Simply contact us without obligation and free of charge.